Many questions have already been answered…

Please read the FAQ and search the forums before posting or submitting support tickets.

You’ll find many questions and answers in the community forums. This is an invaluable resource for all Easy PHP Calendar users.*
Answers to the most commonly asked questions by Easy PHP Calendar users.
Full and comprehensive documentation for the Easy PHP Calendar including a Getting Started Guide that will have you up and running in no time!
Please post general support questions in the forums. Only use the support ticket system if you need to submit sensitive data such as your order number, license key or calendar login information.
Find your order number. Order Lookup will allow you to receive a list of all orders associated with an email address. This is useful for licensing and upgrading.
Clients that have purchased Version 6 can use this page to download the most recent release of Version 6 for free.
For owners of the previous version of the calendar script (the Easily Simple Calendar), click this link to download the most current release of that version.
Here you can upgrade from Version 5 of the calendar script to Version 6. You’ll also be able to upgrade Version 6 options, such as adding the No Copyright or No Name options.

Please do not contact us by email. We can not respond to questions or inquiries by email.

Important Security Update!

There are several ‘security’ websites that state that the calendar script has vulnerability issues.
We take these reports very seriously. All of the potential issues were addressed when they first became known and upgrades have been made available to all users. If you are using a version older than 6.2.8, it is recommended that you immediately upgrade to the latest release.
* All current versions are not affected by the reported vulnerabilities.

* Registration is required for the forums to post or reply, even if you’ve purchased the calendar script.

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