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Settings is used to configure many options of the Easy PHP Calendar script including users, groups and categories.

To open settings, in a web browser go to:

If necessary, adjust the path to the directory (calendar/) if the files were uploaded to a different location on the web server.

The settings include in-line help for each option so no additional instructions are provided here.

XSS Protection

By default, the calendar will attempt to remove any text or code in settings fields that could be potentially dangerous. Such code could be used to perform cross-site scripting attacks (XSS) or SQL injection.

If there is a need to add text or code (such as JavaScript) in the settings that is potentially not safe and is currently being stripped by the XSS protection function, XSS protection can be disabled so that it can be saved.

Do not do this unless you trust everyone that is an administrator!

To disable XSS protection for the calendar settings, create a blank file named disableXSSProtection.php and upload it to the the setup directory of the calendar installation.