Editing Events

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To edit an event, click the Edit Event link when hovering over the event.

This will open the Edit Event page which should look similar to the image below:


Short Description

A Short Description is required (otherwise referred to as the title).


Select a main category for the event. Optionally, there may be other categories to choose from. Categories are configured using Settings.


Select the group for the event. Groups are configured using Settings.


Enter the details of the event. This is generally a long description and can include HTML such as images, font colors and sizes, links and more (as long as these features are enabled in Settings).

Set Time

If the event has a specific time, it can be selected by clicking the Set Time button. A time of NA will result in no time information being saved.


Select how the event will occur. Once will only happen one time. Repeating will occur multiple times on a specific date or dates. Floating/Repeating can occur multiple time and are based on the week and day (example: third Thursday or first Monday).

Date Selection

Select the start date and end date for the event. This section will change the available options according to the Occurs selection.

Save Changes

When finished editing the event data, click Save changes to commit the changes to the database, or click Cancel to return to the Home page.

Delete Event

To completely delete the event and any occurrence of the event, click the Delete Event button.

Delete Single Occurrence

For repeating events, select Delete Single Occurrence to remove the single instance of the event which was chosen to edit.