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The Category Legend plugin will display a legend of the main category selections (in alphabetical order) along with their corresponding colors.

IMPORTANT! The filter code must be added after the mouse-over code. The mouse-over code initializes the variables that the legend code uses.

At the location on a web page where the drop-down list should appear, add the following code:

<?php require("calendar/plugins/legend.php"); ?>

Replace "calendar/" with the actual path to the calendar directory relative to the directory your script is in.

Multi-categories color

By default, the legend does not display the multi-categories color (the color that appears on the mini calendar when a particular day has more than one category color to display). To have this color display on the legend, add this code before the require function code above:

<?php $epcMultiCatShow=1; ?>

Modifying the legends appearance

Open the calendar/plugins/legend.php file. In the code, near the bottom, you can modify the table size, the cell sizes and the CSS for the category name display. Feel free to add additional HTML attributes if needed, such as to display a border around each entry.