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The Annual style calendar displays an entire year in a single table. Clicking the navigation at the top or the month names will change the year or the month that is displayed. An agenda style calendar displays the month that is selected.

Because of the complicated nature of the code that produces this page, it is recommended that you copy the example page to your site and modify the header/footer to suit your needs.

Those with some knowledge of PHP should be able to copy/paste the PHP code from the examples page into their own page(s).

Note: You must update the "require" paths if you move the example file. Always use relative paths. Do NOT use '' in the require command or the calendar will not perform as expected.

You can change the $template variable to the name of another blog mode template you have created and uploaded to the templates directory.

You can change the date format of the Agenda calendar by altering the $DF variable. Use the same parameters as you would if using the PHP date() function.

View the examples/annual.php file for an example of how this feature is used and implemented.