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What's the MySQL Table Structure?

Discussion in 'General Support' started by Stepshows, Apr 13, 2004.

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  1. Stepshows

    Stepshows New Member

    Hi all,

    I've been sifting through the help text trying to find the table structure required to use this calendar (version 5.2) with my MySQL database. Is there a setup script that creates the necessary database tables? Or would I need to create the tables myself? And if so, what columns and formats should be included in the table?

    Thanks in advance for any input.

  2. cotp

    cotp New Member

    Hi everyone and Bravo for the Calendar :) .
    I am using version 4.7 as a try to see before I buy the complete version.
    I too am experiencing problems on installing the Mysql database and believe me I searched in EVERY post of this forum.
    Why not include it in the FAQ ?
    Brian you often suggest to contact the provider, why is that ?
    I have managed to acctivate Mysql on my account.
    Now when I connect it asked me to create a database
    It asked for the name: I put "calendar"
    It asked how many rows ?: I didn't know so I put "7" :)
    Now it is asking me for every row the type, the lenght, the attribute, null ort not null, default, auto increment or not, primary, index, unique, whole text [sorry if I make mistakes, I am translating from french].
    I have no clue on what I should do now.
    When I tried to run escalInstall.php, I got an error:
    There was an error connecting to the mySQL database.
    Please check the database settings in the 'escalConfig.php' file and try again.
    The error was reported as:
    Access denied for user: 'xxxx@212.xx.xx.xxx' (Using password: NO)
    Access denied for user: 'xxxx@212.xx.xx.xxx' (Using password: NO)
    ©2004 Easily Simple Calendar 4.7
    Feedback would be appreciated :) ,


    Cotp B)
  3. Brian

    Brian EPC Developer Staff Member

    As long as the mySQL connection information saved in the calendar config file is correct, the calendar script will install and configure the SQL table automagically (you'll be prompted to do this). If you receive any errors during this process, it is a configuration problem with the server and/or the details entered in the calendar configuration for the database connection.

    Since there are so many possible configurations for web server/mySQL installations, your web host provider would be best at troubleshooting this particular problem.
  4. cotp

    cotp New Member

    Thanks Brian for that answer,

    and Oooops sorry me -_- ,
    I realized I forgot to put the mysql info in the escalConfig.php file !
    One question rises though:
    is it secure to leave our password like this in the config php file ?
    How can I do differently ?

  5. cotp

    cotp New Member

    I went in a php forum to ask about it. They said that someone might be able to read the config file ! :eek: Mmm They said I could also rename the file. If I do that Brian, do I have to make soem changes in some other files accordingly ?

  6. Brian

    Brian EPC Developer Staff Member

    Your server should parse all PHP files which means that users will just see a blank page if they access the config file. Try it and you'll see.

    The only ways I know of that someone can see your code (and therefore the password) in PHP files is if they have FTP access to your server (which should only be you) or if, and I've never seen this before, your server has a major malfunction and doesn't properly parse the scripts and displays the code itself. This could affect any script on any server (not just the calendar script), but I've personally never seen it happen.

    If any of the above happens, passwords stored in the configuration files will be the least of your worries. :blink:
  7. cotp

    cotp New Member

    Dear Brian, thanks for your answer. I am glad about what you said.
    And you are right :lol:
    Again, if I want to change the name of the config file, or the install file (as I have seen on some other posts), do I need to change some things inside some other files ? (to tell for example that "escalInstall.php" is now "whateverpage.php")

  8. Brian

    Brian EPC Developer Staff Member

    The escalInstall.php file can be safely changed to anything. It is also recommended that once the mySQL setup is complete, remove the file from the server altogether.

    If you change the name of the config file, you'll need to change all references to this file in each script that accesses it. Depending on what you use to edit your web sites, you could simply use a find and replace to update the name of the file.
  9. cotp

    cotp New Member

    Thanks Brian for your answer. :)
    I finally got it working (very proud) lol :D
    For those interested, the thing is I had to put "mylogin" instead of "calendar"
    in the name of the database.
    I was able to put some of the dates in French with the config file.
    But I don't know really what I CAN and what I CAN'T translate in the other files.
    So that for example some of the "Add Event" would appear in French.
    That could be good to have some sort of a "language pack".
    If you need any help with some translation in French, you can count on me. B)

    A bientot,

  10. Brian

    Brian EPC Developer Staff Member

    Thanks for the offer. I may take you up on that in the future. :)
  11. Stepshows

    Stepshows New Member

    Hello again,

    Where would I find the escalConfig.php file? I'm still trying to configure the mySQL functionality so that the database events table is created. Thanks again for any assistance.
  12. Brian

    Brian EPC Developer Staff Member

    You don't need to edit this file (which isn't included in Version 5.2) to make mySQL function.

    If you successfully set up the mySQL connection information in the Setup and Configuration Manager, the script will prompt you to make a new table (according to the table name you entered) and will perform the required table creation commands automatically.

    If you are still having problems getting this to work, please PM me your Setup and Configuration Manager link, user name and password and I'll take a look.
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