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version 6 error in mambo

Discussion in 'Mambo/Joomla Integration' started by Stridey, Mar 23, 2005.

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  1. Stridey

    Stridey New Member

    hi there I ahve download your zip and uploaded the zip into mambo which was fine and follwed all instructions etc...

    Created a folder called escal within the modules folder e.g. modules\escal\

    published escalendar in modules admin and am now getting: -

    Warning: main(): Unable to access /usr/local/psa/home/vhosts/netcore-design.com/httpdocs/escal//escal/functions/functions.inc.php in /usr/local/psa/home/vhosts/netcore-design.com/httpdocs/mambo/modules/escal/showCalendar.php on line 31

    Any ideas to what I ahve done? many thanks.
  2. diske52

    diske52 New Member

    You need to read the Easy PHP Cal "Instructions.html"

    Yes you didnt follow the instructions.html that came with the

    Easily Simple Calendar 5.7 download.

    It says in there you have to chmod your showCalendar.php , functions, and one other file to 777? or 755? Look at the instructions.html, you will be done momentarily I bet.

  3. Stridey

    Stridey New Member

    thanks but I ahve tried that anything else would be helpful?
  4. Brian

    Brian EPC Developer Staff Member

    I don't know much about Mambo, but I see this in your path:


    Can that be correct?
  5. Stridey

    Stridey New Member

    Spot on Brian, I have just come across it and rectified it thansk also for reviewing; great script once again!!
  6. Stridey

    Stridey New Member

    OK - another querey that I'm a bit unsure about is how do I restore the default cal styling? do I replace the supplied css code with the current css code or change the mambo css code?

    Thanks all for your response!

  7. diske52

    diske52 New Member

    Not sure What Your Asking

    Alright, please note that templates created for mambo have different ways of styling, and that if your downloading them from around the web some will not display correctly if not modified. Also, as I said before, mambo over-rides the css style for your cal theme, so you would have to modify your "default" theme for cal and add the color commands.

    Below is the section that relates to the styles

    Alrighty Then. If you want to use the default skin for the Calendar, http://www.yourdomain.com/modules/e...ult/esstyle.css is the file your going to edit. I have a black background, so I wanted my Dates to display White of course. At the Very bottom of the esstyle.css file, you will see

    .s2 {
    background-color: #EEEEEE;
    font-family: Geneva, Verdana, Arial, sans-serif;
    font-size: 10px;
    Add the line color: #000000; (#000000 being black, #FFFFFF being white)
    So mine, being black shows
    .s2 {
    background-color: #EEEEEE;
    font-family: Geneva, Verdana, Arial, sans-serif;
    font-size: 10px;
    color: #000000;

    Now go and add color: #000000; to .s20, .s21, .s22, .s23, .s24, .s2etc.

    """ this was from post http://www.easyphpcalendar.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2979

    If the section above doesnt help, please answer these questions so I can help you better.

    1. what do you mean by restore the default cal style?

    2. What is the address of your calendar so I can look

    3. Are you asking a question that was talked about in the tutorial at?

  8. Stridey

    Stridey New Member

    hi I added the css styles from your earlier advice and nothing happend; should I be adding both styles in the esstyles.css and then amend Now go and add color: #000000; to .s20, .s21, .s22, .s23, .s24, .s2etc. respectively?: -

    .s2 {
    background-color: #EEEEEE;
    font-family: Geneva, Verdana, Arial, sans-serif;
    font-size: 10px;
    Add the line color: #000000; (#000000 being black, #FFFFFF being white)
    So mine, being black shows
    .s2 {
    background-color: #EEEEEE;
    font-family: Geneva, Verdana, Arial, sans-serif;
    font-size: 10px;
    color: #000000;
    as it stands the current style is very basic rememberig I am using version 6 of ESCAL

    You can find the development here: - http://www.netcore-design.com/mambo/

    what I mean in default style of the cal is that of the package on Brian sells us.

    I am askign that same question specified by you ealier; you guys have done a great job and am really pleased with the support you have both offered; I give you my thanks!!

    Look forward to your reply, kind regards

  9. diske52

    diske52 New Member


    Anyhow, if your reading this, add the module template_chooser to your mambo site. I'll check back shortly.

    It looks as though you stripped the theme, in escal setup have you verified its set to the "default" theme, and while editing the css file you didnt accidentally delete any lines while cut pasting?

    I've tested version 6 with mambo 4.5.2 and 4.5.1x, and never lost all the formatting, as you have. Let me reload 6 on a test site, and check it out with the template that you use, which is that? solar flare 1 or 2 template?

    While your waiting for me to get back to you, i advise you test out a different template for mambo, and a different theme for escal, or make sure its default, to make sure we dont have any more variables than we need. http://www.mambohut.com has the most free templates.

    Also it looks your new to mambo, so here's a link that discuss's what it took to create e78.org, which uses mambo, flash, easy cal, among other things.


    Anyhow, if your reading this, add the module template_chooser to your mambo site. I'll check back shortly.
  10. Stridey

    Stridey New Member

    Hey there Diske52 thanks very much for your advice you have been a great help and a value to the www community. I re-installed the calendar and it seems now to work however has pushed the alignment out somewhat do you know how to amend that?

    I ahd a look at the other forum you menttioned and will be visiting it for further details as soon as I get over this learnign curve, as you had guessed right I am relatively new to this enviroment.

    Thanks again, look forward to your reply.

  11. diske52

    diske52 New Member

    Calendar is looking Good!

    Just checked your website, the calendar is looking good ;)

    As for the alignment, im guessing you've fixed the issue because it displays properly on my browser (ie 6+).

    I see you installed the sample data, And, it says mambo 4.5.... uh oh, did you use fantastico or an old install or mambo? Your mambo installation should be 4.5.2.

    Besides a few bugs, the layout and changes of the back admin has changed quite a bit. Support for this version is almost complete with the major modules and components. Please make sure you've installed the latest version from http://www.mamboforge.net

    ** Oh before I forget, if you want the Calendar to be smaller and fit in a little better, you can go into Cal Setup, and remove cell spacing, borders, etc. it will make it slightly smaller. Fits better that way into most user bars.

  12. Stridey

    Stridey New Member


    I thought I ahd downloaded the latest version MamboV4[1].5.1b-Stable.tar.gz????

    If you change back to the solar falre layout you can see how the cal has moved over left and skwed up the template which I like best know of any solutions to that I ahd earlier played with the cal css and shrunk the cal but didn't change the template arghhh

    again you advice is much appreciated

    Cheers Stridey
  13. Stridey

    Stridey New Member

    when installing the next version of mambo do I over wriite all the files or is it best to do a fresh install?

    Thanks yest again
  14. diske52

    diske52 New Member

    best to do is

    Here is the page http://mamboforge.net/frs/?group_id=5

    Which still has 4.5.1b, which is most popular, but below it is the release everyone is upgrading to, 4.5.2


    Since your new, just delete everything and reinstall. Refer to my other posts with links and tips for starting off with mambo. Any questions you have regarding mambo should be posted via those links. Lets support the calendar here, not the portal system ;)

    diske52 at yahoo.com if you want to directly email me.

    Below is what I typed earlier


    Normally for an version upgrade you would just backup sql tables, move some files over, but thats not needed, because you dont have alot on your test site. And having a clean install is always good to know.

    I would rename your mambo folder to mambo2, and copy 4.5.2 files to mambo. Start the installation by accessing your /mambo folder after all files are copied via ftp, use new sql information to be clean without sample data, etc. Once again, refer to my other post which contains links that will assist you.

    Last edited: Mar 24, 2005
  15. dave_gordon

    dave_gordon New Member

    Error after install

    I've used the Zend Autoinstaller to upload to my remote server. This went ok but when I installed the Mambo Module I get the following errror message dusplayed;


    There have been some changes affecting how the calendar code is included onto web pages.

    Please update your pages to require calendar.php.

    In previous versions, this was showCalendar.php.


    Instead of:


    Change this to:


    Changing the name of the file in the mod_escal.php file seems to make no difference.

    Can you help?

    Many thanks in advance
  16. diske52

    diske52 New Member

    Hey Dave


    1. Unzip the mod_escal_mambo452_with_print.zip

    open mod_escal.php and change all "3" instances of ShowCalendar to your calendar.php.

    Double check it will look like this

    defined( '_VALID_MOS' ) or die( 'Direct Access to this location is not allowed.' ); ?>
    <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" "<A href="[url="http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/loose.dtd"]http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/loose.dtd[/url]"><?php">[url="http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/loose.dtd"]http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/loose.dtd[/url]"><?php $CSS=1; require ("modules/escal/calendar.php"); ?>
    <?php $OL=1; require ("modules/escal/calendar.php"); ?>
    <table align="center">
    <?php require ("modules/escal/calendar.php"); ?>
    <div style="text-align: center;">[<a href="<?php echo $mosConfig_live_site;?>/modules/escal/printable.php" target="_blank">printable calendar</a>]
    2. Re-Zip up file along with the .xml File. Un-install it from mambo, re-install this file.

    3. Double check you can view the calendar as a stand alone unit.

    Gotta run,

  17. dave_gordon

    dave_gordon New Member

    Hi Chuck,

    Thanks for the prompt response.

    This fault has now been corrected but introduced another. I'm now getting the error saying that it can't find the calendar.php in the module/escal directory. When I done the automatic install it actually installed into the subdirectory modules/escal/calendar/. I think if I move everything back to the modules/escal directory the ES Calendar then fails on something else where its looking in the originally installed directory.

    Many thanks in advance
  18. diske52

    diske52 New Member

    remember that everything is case sensitive

    calendar.php is good

    Calendar.bad is bad :kitty:

    Anyhow, I would recommend uninstalling the module, login through FTP and verify the mod_escal files are deleted.

    Uninstall the calendar, verify the files are deleted.

    Re-install both, should only take a few moments, using the modified file you worked on earlier.

    And if you still have issues, please state exactly what it says.

    Also, besides viewing the calender Within mambo, can you still view it Without mambo?

    for example. www.yourdomain.com/module/escal/printable.php

    or use another page that comes with your installation
  19. dave_gordon

    dave_gordon New Member

    I had already taken into consideration the case-sensitive issues, and if I go directly to the modules/escal/calendar/index.php everything works ok.

    The mambo fronted error messages are;
    Warning: main(): Unable to access modules/escal/calendar.php in /web/guide/mydomain/public_html/modules/mod_escal.php on line 3

    Warning: main(modules/escal/calendar.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /web/guide/mydomain/public_html/modules/mod_escal.php on line 3

    Warning: main(): Unable to access modules/escal/calendar.php in /web/guide/mydomain/public_html/modules/mod_escal.php on line 3

    Warning: main(modules/escal/calendar.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /web/guide/mydomain/public_html/modules/mod_escal.php on line 3

    Fatal error: main(): Failed opening required 'modules/escal/calendar.php' (include_path='') in /web/guide/mydomain/public_html/modules/mod_escal.php on line 3

    The 'mydomain' above is only the main domain name without the 'www.' or the extension of '.co.uk', could this be the cause.

    Alternatively, as I previously mentioned I think this is because this is looking for the utility in the 'modules/escal' directory as opposed to the install directory of 'modules/escal/calendar'

    Hope this helps.
    Kind Regards
  20. diske52

    diske52 New Member

    <yawn> Morning Dave ;)

    <yawn> Morning Dave ;)

    Well, im still drinking coffee but those lines appear odd to me. You dont see it? Lets look at the first one again

    the first path, says
    "Unable to access modules/escal/calendar.php" this is normal.

    the second path says
    "in /web/guide/mydomain/public_html/modules/mod_escal.php"

    but shouldnt it say the relative path , including the directory?

    "in /web/guide/mydomain/public_html/modules/escal/mod_escal.php

    Such as that.

    I'll Ponder that while I drink my coffee. If I can realize why your path would be incorrect, I shall reply before I take off to work.
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