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Version 6.1.0 Released!

Discussion in 'New Releases' started by Brian, Apr 23, 2005.

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  1. Brian

    Brian EPC Developer Staff Member

    ::. Bug Fixes

    • None.
    ::. General Changes

    • Added the option to delete a single occurrence of repeating or floating events.
    • Adjusted paths in the Event Administration for better compatibility with particular server configurations.
    • Added the System Utilities page in the Setup Manager to perform various system tasks.
    • Added a version check function to the System Utilities page.
    • Updated Menu Options in Setup Manager for consistency.
    • Moved the categories CSS to it's own directory for easier editing and Event Administration compatibility.
    • Changed the layout of the Event Manger for enhanced usability and a cleaner interface.
    • Made significant optimizations to the date marking algorithm for recurring events.
    • Added the "Add more events" option to the Event Editor. This will save the current event then pull up a new add form.
    • Added Start Year and End Year options to the Event Administration section of the Setup Manager.
    • Updated the $thisFile variable so that it can be user definable.
    • Updated overLIB to Version 4.17 and included the mini version.
    • Updated the license system for compatibility with web sites that have multiple domains.
    • Added additional variables to the Languages files.
    • Added the option to enable or disable XSS protection in the Setup Manager.
    • Changed the required file from showCalendar.php to calendar.php for easier integration.
      All of your existing calendar pages will be affected and should be updated to reflect this new file name.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.

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