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User Restrictions

Discussion in 'General Support' started by aak, Mar 30, 2006.

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  1. aak

    aak New Member

    Is it possible to restrict users from being able to alter / delete another users event entries? If so, how? Thanks
  2. aak

    aak New Member

    Found the answer to my own question shortly after posting. Should be a function in v7 being released shortly?
  3. neel_007

    neel_007 New Member

    Hey AAK,

    Did you find how to restrict a user?

    I need to implement this feature for my website.

  4. aak

    aak New Member

    The answer I found was that there is no way to restrict them from editting one of someone else's entries. :(

    It is a feature they said they might impliment in v7 whenever that is released. It should be a function that is easily added depending on their php coding. I would also like to see them allowing more than 20 categories.
  5. Brian

    Brian EPC Developer Staff Member

    Categories are not limited to 20 (but users are). A new user system is being developed for Version 7. :)
  6. neel_007

    neel_007 New Member

    Thanks AAK,

    I guess meanwhile I have to do the event updates for +1000 students... Or I think another alternative way is using MySQL. I am storing my events in MySQL DB, so I can create a custom interface which will interact with MySQL DB directly. Create another table for event users and assign then username and passwords...

    Well its just a theory, dunno if it will work...

  7. aak

    aak New Member

    Oops.. :ugh:

    Yea Users.. My Mistake.
  8. huntygonecharlie

    huntygonecharlie New Member

    I have searched this discussion on user restrictions and I am wanting to confirm that there is currently no way (other than customizing on my own) to restrict users from adding or editing events. I need to only have an admin who creates and manages the events. I don't want the people who are customers to be able to do anything other than read the events on the calendar. If there is something I have missed, please point me in the correct direction.

  9. ve9gra

    ve9gra Support Team

    Just don't give them a user... Anybody can view... just leave it at that.

    The question that was addressed here was if it was possible to restrict one user from modifying another user's events. This will be possible in version 7, but for your situation, there is no problem since all you want them to do is view the events.
  10. traceable

    traceable New Member

    In version 7, will users be able to post to any category?

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