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upgrade from 6.01 to 6.2.7

Discussion in 'Mambo/Joomla Integration' started by pcl, Jul 6, 2005.

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  1. pcl

    pcl New Member

    after performing the upgrate I get an error in the top line of the set up pages: Warning: fread(): Length parameter must be greater than 0. in /import_fs2/home/xxxxx/xxxxx/modules/escal/setup/process.php on line 69

    I have updated to the latest mod_escal posted by Brian on 14 June

    The calender itself does not show on the designated page, although the module title does

  2. Brian

    Brian EPC Developer Staff Member

    For whatever reason, it can't find the calendar.php file in the root of the calendar directory. Can you verify this file exists?
  3. pcl

    pcl New Member


    thank you - the file was there but was empty. thanks

    but now I am getting Invalid Access - 8

  4. pcl

    pcl New Member

    Invalid Access - 8

    I checked the rest of the forum and found the solution thanks

    Changed require($serverPath."license.php"); to

    define("EPCAL", "EPCAL05");

    thanks again
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