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Understanding the Database Setup Screen

Discussion in 'Installation / Upgrade Questions' started by Matthew Newman, Oct 21, 2009.

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  1. Matthew Newman

    Matthew Newman New Member

    Apologies for the very basic nature of the question but ...

    I'm having trouble persuading EasyPHPCalendar to recognise a database I've set up with a MySQL tool on my site and am wanting to check I've got the right end of the stick about what to put into the fields on the Setup screen. It's possible I'm being really thick but I can't find anything in the knowledgebase or documentation on this.

    My assumptions are:
    - Database host: is the name of the web site, in the format www.example.com
    - Database User Name: is the name of the user you've set up on the database you've created
    - Database password: is the password you created for the above
    - Database name: is the name of the database you set up, in the first place, for this user.

    I'm obviously getting something wrong because I get the message:
    There was an error connecting to the mySQL database.
    The error was reported as:
    Access denied for user 'safe_Master'@'' (using password: YES)

    Can anyone see the error I might be making? I'd hoped it was a typo but I've copied the field entries from the screen I used to set up the database now and I'm getting the same error.

    Thanks, in advance, for any advice that might be forthcoming.
  2. ve9gra

    ve9gra Support Team

    In most setups, your database host is "localhost".
  3. Matthew Newman

    Matthew Newman New Member

    Thanks very much indeed ve9gra; that sorted it immediately.
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