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Trying to set up calender to display in blog mode and on my home page

Discussion in 'General Support' started by Lucita, Mar 20, 2007.

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  1. Lucita

    Lucita New Member

    I'm trying to get my calendar to work in blog mode and to display correctly on my home page.


    first of all for blog mode I read what needs to be done just not sure what I file I need to change the required information for it be set up in blog mode?

    Also its seems my calendar is not working correctly on my home page not sure if put the correct coding for it to work? Can anyone help me and give a bit more detail on what I need to do the these things?

    As you can see I'm trying to get the calender to fit in the boxed section of the website.

    Thank you
  2. ve9gra

    ve9gra Support Team

    You're including demo.php.....

    Read the Integration section of the Online Docs. You need to follow at least the Important and the Blog Mode sections.
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