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This made me laugh...

Discussion in 'Installation / Upgrade Questions' started by rainer, Nov 22, 2005.

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  1. rainer

    rainer New Member

    At least it's funny so far.

    I have installed, purchased and am very successfully running EasyPHPCalendar for our local curling club at www.lacombecurling.com.

    Our local golf course would also like a similar calendar, so I'm running a trial version of the calendar at www.golflacombe.com/toccalendar.php.

    Here's what's funny: the curling club calendar shows up on the golf course web page; all the events and everything appear at the golf course, yet the golf course calendar clearly shows it is running in trial mode. Any changes I make to the curling calendar immediately show up at the golf course. Changes I make at the golf course show up at the curling club.

    To answer this question early: I did not accidently access the curling club database from the golf course (or vice versa). The mySQL setup information is very different for each calendar: different domain, different user, different password, SAME DATABASE NAME-- but that shouldn't matter, should it?

    I have the feeling this may be more a problem with my server than you guys, but if you can provide some insight, I'd appreciate it!


  2. chrisbaker

    chrisbaker New Member

    How was the second calendar installed. Did you just copy the folder that the calendar is installed over to the golf course site? It may be looking for some info over at the curling site. Maybe? I am sure someone has a better answer than I do. But just a thought.
  3. ve9gra

    ve9gra Support Team

    If you're using mySQL, if both users have full access to all databases, yes it will make a difference. If you've built the server yourself, and both users can peek at the other's data, and you've used the same database name (of course this implies that you have a single mySQL server) then each other's installation will update the exact same table on the exact same database.

    If you had a more robust installation, you'd have a prefix on your databases names (ie: client1_calendar, client2_nuke, etc...) and the user client1 can only have access to client1_* databases and the same for client2..

    This being said, you'll have to have (at the very least) a different name for your table. You can edit the table name by manually editing the file calendar.inc.php. An easier alternative (recommended) would be to have a seperate database.
  4. rainer

    rainer New Member

    Thanks ve9gra...

    It WAS the using the same name of databases that caused the problem. Even though there was a different domain name, user name and password, being on the same server with the same database name caused the overlap.

    Thanks for your advice! Problem solved!

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