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Test Script Failure at BlueHost.com

Discussion in 'General' started by radioz, Apr 5, 2010.

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  1. Hi!

    I would like to use this script on the site that I am currently building, VintageRadio.com. Unfortunately, the test script fails.
    I get this when I type in http://vintageradio.com/tester/:

    Additionally, I get the '404' message when I type in http://vintageradio.com/tester/index.php.

    My Blue Host setting uses PHP5 (Single php.ini).
    Similarly typing in http://vintageradio.com/tester/index.php.ini also yields the 404 message.

    When I installed the GeodesicSolutions.com classifieds program script, it was necessary to modify the ion cude settings although I gather that I was moving them to a more common setting. Here is that info:

    BlueHost.com and HostMonster.com are basically one in the same (or at least use identical platforms and the modification noted worked for my Geodesic installation.

    ALSO, assuming that I can overcome this problem, how do I insert the code for your calendar on one of my 'extra' pages in the Geodesic Script? I want to put the calendar at the top of the center (main) column on this page. I don't think that it is hard but I am confused on that point as well. The 'extra' links are just repeats of the front page that are available for modification. The links are currently on the bottom left of all of the pages in the Geodesic script, should there be any value in looking. This is likely a very generic question and really has nothing directly to do with the Geodesic script other than I don't want to interfere with (or eliminate!) its operation.

    Thanks for your help!

    Jon Hall
    Last edited: Apr 5, 2010
  2. ve9gra

    ve9gra Support Team

  3. I simply unzipped the test package and loaded the whole thing in a file called 'tester' in my public_HTML file. I am at BlueHost.com, for what that is worth. I did notice the recursive issue and should have noted it. What would cause it (that I can solve or figure out). I think that I did things as instructed. It wasn't very complicated but it sure doesn't work.


  4. ve9gra

    ve9gra Support Team

    The normal way is to unzip locally, and upload the "tester" folder intact... What you did was create a folder called "tester", unzipped the tester.zip in that folder (which creates a folder with the name of the archive), and in the archive there's the original "tester" folder... Hence you end up with three "tester" folders.
  5. Hi!

    It finally went through. I'll attempt an install later today. The test is working fine now. :clap:


  6. I'm not sure what this about. I don't think that there is anything extremist or even political in this post by me or anyone else.

    I do plan to use the calendar. I at least now have it in my FTP pending getting it ontop a Geodesic Solutions page. I am sidetracked into domain renewal work for the short term right now.

    Thanks for the help from all!
  7. ve9gra

    ve9gra Support Team

    Sorry about that... Don't know why but spammers are targeting this forum quite a bit. Sometimes we don't get to clean their posts before they're viewed.
  8. Everything seems to work (I think!). I would note that for the GordesicSolutions program which is written in very modern code, the format below is required:

    instead of the format given in the PHP calendar set up:

    The calendar did not work at all until I updated the code style per Geodesic Solutions.

    I just mention this as an FYI in case it comes up again.

    I am going to send you my purchase fee today!


    Jon :)
  9. Brian

    Brian EPC Developer Staff Member

    Thanks for the information. The code means that Geodesic Solutions is using a template system and in order to execute php code, they require a different php wrapper. (It's not standard code to do this nor a more updated way to run php.)
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