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Scrolling list of upcoming events

Discussion in 'Customizations (Themes / Templates)' started by robr3004, Feb 17, 2008.

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  1. robr3004

    robr3004 New Member

    Is there a way I can have a scrolling list of current events? I like the List mode, but would rather have a single line of Scrolling text of upcoming events.
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2008
  2. ve9gra

    ve9gra Support Team

    That is not a feature of the calendar. You'd have to pass the List's output to a scroller.
  3. robr3004

    robr3004 New Member


    I'm new to PHP, MySql and Easy PHP Calendar. Any suggestions on how to pass the list to a scroller or can you direct me to some online doc's that can help me find out how to do this?

  4. ve9gra

    ve9gra Support Team

    No, sorry. I've only ever used a scroller once and that was roughly 5-6 years ago... and it was the most annoying thing ever to work with. I never revisited scrollers afterwards.

    If that's a feature you'd really like, you can add it to the Feature Request forum.
  5. tracknut

    tracknut New Member

    You could auto-scroll a div, something like this:

    <div style="overflow:auto;height:300px">
    $DF = "D - M d";
    $listWeeks = 52;
    $listEvents = 8;
    require ("calendar/calendar.php");
  6. amsweb1

    amsweb1 New Member

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