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problem w/ $showCat variable

Discussion in 'General Support' started by plantsheal, Aug 4, 2009.

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  1. plantsheal

    plantsheal New Member


    I'm using the list mode & am trying to set the $showCat variable as described in the docs. I have several main categories & a sub category set for each month.

    Here's how i include the cal. on my my page:

    $listYear = date('Y');
    $showCat="[Any] | Power of Self | Sep";
    $epcListMouseover = "1"; 
    $DF = "D - M d"; 
    require ("calendar/calendar.php"); 
    Here is a screen shot of the Events manager advance filter. You can see there are several events returned for my criteria... but on the page where I'm trying to display the cal. it's not showing any events.

    Any help much appreciated... thx


  2. ve9gra

    ve9gra Support Team

    The image didn't get included (it would have to be attached).

    The issue is with the $showCat. You have to click the filter in the yellow bar again and after the text that you've entered in the $showCat, you'll see a dash and then numbers and pipe characters... that's what you need in the $showCat.

    It'll be something like:

    [Any] | Power of Self | Sep - a|3|5

    You would then have $showCat="a|3|5";
  3. plantsheal

    plantsheal New Member

    got it, thx ve9gra -

    Brian can we get that doc page updated to add the "click on the yellow bar" bit. I'm sure it will save someone else a bit of time.
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