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Popup window path is wrong

Discussion in 'Installation / Upgrade Questions' started by bocal, Aug 29, 2007.

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  1. bocal

    bocal New Member

    I've added the small month calendar to my home page which is one level up from the "calendar" director. I've made second "calendar.php" file so I can set the correct directory paths. I've set the server and url paths to"calendar/" verses "/calendar/". This seems to work for the CSS style, but has not made th epath for the popup window work correctly.

    The code is doing... win = window.open("/calendar/functions/popup.php?

    at: www.emmanuelburbank.org/newindex.org

    Where can this be set or is it hard coded and requires the HTML page to be in the "calendar" directory?
  2. Brian

    Brian EPC Developer Staff Member

    I don't understand the reason for the second calendar.php file. Where did you put this file and why?

    There should be no need for extra calendar.php files or path changes. If the paths are correct, the calendar should work from any directory with one set of paths (as long as they are correct).
  3. bocal

    bocal New Member

    Ok, that's what the code looked like it was suppose to do, but something went wrong. I've reset it back the normal way.

    The (newindex.php) file has:

    <?php $CSS=1; require("calendar/calendar.php"); ?>

    between <head> and </head> lines.

    in the <body> I have:

    $epcMultiWidth = "180px";
    $epcMultiPad = 2;
    $epcMultiNav = "170px";
    $epcMultiCol = 1;
    $epcMultiRow = 1;

    calender.php has:




    The problem page is:


    The source code shows:

    <link href="/calendar/theme/emmtheme/esstyle.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"/>


    win = window.open("/calendar/functions/popup.php?ev=" + ev + "&readFile=0&readSQL=1&showCat=&oc=1","Calendar","scrollbars=yes,status=no,location=no,toolbar=no,menubar=no,directories=no,resizable=yes,width=" + w + ",height=" + h + ",top=" + wint + ",left=" + winl + "");
    if (parseInt(navigator.appVersion) >= 4) { win.window.focus(); }

    Wrong paths... both should read... "calendar/". I think the first "/" needs to be eliminated.

    See what you think. Thanks, Bo
  4. bocal

    bocal New Member

    Image path also a problem

    Also forgot... the images are also not sourcing the correct path which come from the config.inc.php file.

    Source code looks like:

    <td align=left width="33%"><a href="newindex.php?mo=7&amp;yr=2007" class=navTableText><img src="images/arrow_back.png" width="20" height="20" border="0"></a></td>
    <td align=center width="34%"><a href="newindex.php?mo=08&amp;yr=2007" class=navTableText><img src="images/stop.png" width="20" height="20" border="0"></a></td>
    <td align=right width="33%"><a href="newindex.php?mo=9&amp;yr=2007" class=navTableText><img src="images/arrow_next.png" width="20" height="20" border="0"></a></td>

    In the case... we need the "calendar/" added to the path. Should it source another copy of config.inc.php to correct this or some other way?
  5. Brian

    Brian EPC Developer Staff Member

    The path should have the "/" in front of it.

    If you're using images for navigation, you must include the full HTTP path to the files. (i.e.: <img src="http://www.domain.com/paths/file.gif">).

    What exactly isn't working (the reason this thread was started)?
  6. bocal

    bocal New Member

    Original Problem...

    Fixed the image problem. Thanks for the heads up.

    The orginal problem is that the mouse over pop-up window doesn't display. It shows an error on line 124. See:www.emmanuelburbank.org/newindex.php in the bottom left corner. I assumed it was a path problem... my bad.

    See what you think.

  7. Brian

    Brian EPC Developer Staff Member

    You're missing the mouse-over code from your page. (See the Integration / Important section of the instructions).
  8. bocal

    bocal New Member

    Problem Solved!

    Oh, silly me... the old $OL=1 problem.

    Thanks for debuging this. I should have caught it.


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