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Number of Events per Day?

Discussion in 'General Support' started by oowhisperoo, Oct 16, 2005.

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  1. Greetings.

    Have a little problem that may be a browser issue?

    in Firefox, (on the TOC calendar) the event window is stretched to accomodate multiple events for a certain date.

    However, in IE, any more than 5 events are truncated from the list until the user clicks into the day.

    any ideas for a fix?
    http://www.broomwood.co.uk/calendar.php :thumbs_up
  2. Brian

    Brian EPC Developer Staff Member

    It seems to work for me...

    What is your OS and the exact version of your browser?
  3. XP Pro SP2
    IE: 6.0.2900.2180.xpsp2
    Firefox: 1.0.7

    For example: view the 17th of october. The last entry should be Upper school Parent-Teacher Interview

    But on IE, it cuts it off and the last entry is Last swimming lesson. I'm pretty sure its not just my machine, because my client alerted me to it from his machine.

    Thanks in advance!!:thumbs_up
  4. Brian

    Brian EPC Developer Staff Member

  5. 6 items on the 15th, in IE and Firefox
  6. Brian

    Brian EPC Developer Staff Member

    I didn't change anything from the default setting that are included in the calendar distribution. Do you know if the CSS for the calendar has been modified? If so, can you zip up and attach your modified theme?
  7. nope, fresh install as of friday. all i did was change permissions.
  8. Brian

    Brian EPC Developer Staff Member

    There was a new version released yesterday. Please try upgrading to this version (6.3.05) and see if it helps with this issue.
  9. Did you ever hear if this solved the problem of IE showing all events for the day in TOC view. Having same problem. No time to upgrade this morning before meeting with client.
  10. Brian

    Brian EPC Developer Staff Member

    I don't know if this was resolved, but I have been unable to recreate it here...
  11. I'll do the upgrade today and post up to let you know:thumbs_up
  12. upgrading to latest version didn't help. IE's date box still doesnt stretch to accomodate all events.
  13. Brian

    Brian EPC Developer Staff Member

    Looking at your source-code, you're missing the mouse-over code from the integration/important section of the instructions.

    Also, the page isn't formatted correctly. It seems to start out with a <table> element and the <html> element is further down in the page...

    Please try correcting these issues and see if it helps.
  14. didnt include mouseover code because client didnt want mouseover function, is it required?

    rearranged formatting, no dice
  15. Brian

    Brian EPC Developer Staff Member

    The changes you made seemed to have fixed the javascript errors I was seeing.

    Just as a test, try enabling the mouse-over pop-ups and see if it makes any difference.
  16. Brian

    Brian EPC Developer Staff Member

    Thank you for your help so far...

    I see that you've enabled the mouse-overs and still have the same issue.

    Please edit the demo.php file in the root calendar directory and enable the TOC mode. Then see if this page has the same issue.
  17. OL enabled, still 5 events showing in IE :crybaby:
  18. Brian

    Brian EPC Developer Staff Member

    That means there must be existing CSS code on the page that is causing the issue.

    Try some process of elimination, like completely removing your CSS and see if the calendar appears correctly. Then check individual CSS elements until you find the culprit.

  19. Thanks for your help Brian. I'll start fresh and post what i come up with!
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