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Multiple dates in same "box" in list view

Discussion in 'General' started by NetWeb, May 4, 2010.

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  1. NetWeb

    NetWeb New Member

    Hey, I'm using the calendar for a party fishing boat and need to know something...

    Here is the site: http://peconicstarfleet.com/index.php

    If you look at the Weekly Schedule part, you will see that I have the next 7 days being displayed for the customer to see. My issue is if the boat goes out on more than 1 trip on that day, it will create another box of the same day next to the one day. Example:

    Monday Monday Tuesday Wednesday
    Trip 1 Trip 2 Trip 1 Trip 1

    Whereas it should be like this:

    Monday Tuesday Wednesday
    Trip 1 Trip 1 Trip 1
    Trip 2

    You can take a look at the site to see what I mean. Let me know if there is an easy way to do this. I can do it the hard way, just seeing if something simpler can be done. Thanks.
  2. Brian

    Brian EPC Developer Staff Member

    Assuming you're using the List Mode, this is the way the List Mode Works.

    FWIW, the Blog Mode would combine events under the same date.
  3. NetWeb

    NetWeb New Member

    So there is not way to get it how I would like it through the List Mode?

    Yea, I know that it shows multiple events on the same day in the Blog Mode...I will probably have to use that. I notice on the blog demo page that it only shows 1 date at a time. I haven't really looked into it yet, but is it possible to show all dates using the Blog mode so it can act like the list mode but the way I would like it with multiple events under the same date?

    Thanks for your help
  4. Brian

    Brian EPC Developer Staff Member

    I think our forum moderator (ve9gra) has come up with a solution similar to what you're looking for. He should drop in here soon and will let you know.
  5. ve9gra

    ve9gra Support Team

    Like Brian said, I did come up with what I call the Blog-List. It's totally configurable as in which date to start the list from, how many days to display, whether or not to hide empty days, if you want the list to go forwards or backwards, and more.

    If you are interested in it, contact me using the link in my signature.
  6. NetWeb

    NetWeb New Member

    Ok, thanks for the help. I sent you a message.
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