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Mouseover pop-ups in IE not working...

Discussion in 'Mambo/Joomla Integration' started by moxy, Apr 1, 2005.

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  1. moxy

    moxy New Member

    First off - thanks for a great calendar - both to the developer and to Diske52 for notifying Moambo developers like myself.

    I've installed it on a mambo site using the module posted in the integration thread, and it's working great. Only thing is mouseover pop-ups work in Mozilla Firefox but not in IE.
      <?php $OL=1; require ("modules/escal/showCalendar.php"); ?>
    seems to be present in the body of the module.

    I've seen other posts that it needs to be in the Head, but when I add it to the head of index.php on my template, I get a licensing error. I've tried it with a relative url, as well as a hard-coded url. All the same result - it breaks in the browser.

    I noticed that you element 78 site has the module working fine with mouseover popups in the module - did you hack anything to make that so?

    The site with my installation is www.uppercanadaplayhouse.com

    Thanks in advance
    Jesse Collins
    MOXY Webworks
    Last edited: Apr 1, 2005
  2. diske52

    diske52 New Member

    What are your versions of EasyCal, Mambo, and IE?

    Hey Jesse,

    Very nice site you've got going, its got vibrant colors, beautiful layout, props on that!

    Alright well I should let you know, that if you implement the module, you Cannot manually insert code for the calendar to appear elsewhere. It will display errors.

    If you wanted to butcher in the code for the calendar to insert it within a template, I believe you can, I did a while back, as long as you do Not keep the module published.

    ((However since you will probally be putting this calendar on the left or right block, I wouldnt even go that route))

    I have EasyCal 5.7 running on Mambo 4.5.1 on E78.org, I have EasyCal 6 running on Mambo 4.5.2 on another site. Both work properly, both display popups in IE (the latest IE) and FireFox.

    What are your versions of EasyCal, Mambo, and IE?

    I'm sure we can get this taken care of. My apologies if I do not get back to you today, as I'm leaving later this afternoon and wont be back till Saturday around lunch time.

    Edit: I see mambo 452 installed twice is it? a sub folder used for "Over the River and Through the Woods" is within another folder called mambo452.

    You have 2 installations or re-directing all this?
    At least verify for me that both installations are 4.5.2, I can't seem to get any more from your site.

    And firefox doesnt display popups by default somehow does it? I mean you did enable mouse-over popup's in the setup I do hope.

    I do not know if you created this template yourself or what, and there-in may lie a problem. I keep re-reading the start of your post and think that you tried to insert the code manually into your index.php, which is never needed, And publish the module.
    Here's what I think your should try.

    1. Double check you have mouse-overs enabled in setup.

    2. Change between a few different default templates, making sure the coding you did, didnt mess anything up.

    (If it works for a default template, Load a backup of your index.php, template files. Before you started adding code for the calendar, making it harder on yourself, only use the module, no coding needed ;)

    3. Apply it to a different block, such as right instead of left.

    4. Un/Reinstall the mambo 4.5.2 easycal module.

    If it still doesnt work:

    5. Realize its alright and i'll make sure to help you this weekend

    Last edited: Apr 1, 2005
  3. moxy

    moxy New Member

    Hey, Chuck - thanks for getting back to me.

    Credit where credit's due - I actually got this as a template from mambodev.com, the same designer, Rhuk, who made the template for your site :)

    I think he's the best designer for Mambo templates going right now, followed very closely by mambosolutions.com.

    That being said - I shhould've given you a little more info:

    Yes, its 4.5.2, and only one install - in the root directory of the server.

    I did initially install the module only - and didn't manually install the calendar. I only toyed around with addin that one line php to the header of the entire index.php, wondering if that was what was causing the lack of pop-ups.

    No Firefox doesn't default to pop-ups - I have set those in the Setup of escal.

    But I'm going to work through the suggestions you gave me below. They make a lot of sense. And will help a lot on how to track this issue.

    Thanks again


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