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Host upgrades server, Calendar messed up.

Discussion in 'General Support' started by chrisbaker, Dec 3, 2006.

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  1. Hi Brian and All,
    My hosting service recently upgraded our server, its been a long unstable process, but I think they finally got there act together...well sorta. I should also make mention that there is a main site, and a sub domain that is hosted on this space, both using two different calendar installs as well as two different license's. Basically our server's IP address changed and I know the calendar license system works off the IP, as well as a couple other factors, but with the IP change it should not work. Well since the move the calendar has been fine on our main site, but not on the sub domain site. Which doesn't make sense why it is even working on the main site. But it is in limited mode when I go to my sub domain. Says a invalid key. I have noticed that when I log into the sub-domain calendar - the one that is giving me the error - is getting re-routed to http://subdomainname.domainname.com - this never did this before. Is this a problem I should pursue with the hosting? Can I obtain another key? What should I do? I submitted for a new key but not sure that this will work. Argh!
  2. Brian,
    I just got a email from you about updating my license for this sub-domain. I get this - Bad License Request! - I was getting this before I made the request. Hurm. I am not sure if anyone will be able to help with this or not.
  3. Brian

    Brian EPC Developer Staff Member

    You may want to open a support ticket and include the URLs and the login to your Setup Managers...
  4. Thanks for the help Brian. What was the problem? Thanks again.
  5. Brian

    Brian EPC Developer Staff Member

    The order number wasn't entered correctly. I reset the license and entered the order number again to be sure and it started working. :)
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