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ESC and phpbb

Discussion in 'General Support' started by Joanne, Jan 17, 2005.

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  1. I was able to install the software and have no problem calling up the calendar on my website but I cannot intergrade the calendar with phpbb. I tried using iframe tags to call up the calendar on my bulletin board within the overall header template. That worked & the calendar was viewable but it knocked out the rest of the forum and nothing else was viewable aside from the header.

    The iframe tag itself cannot be affecting the board because I have used them sucessfully before. There has to be something else within the ESC script that is affecting phpbb. What do I need to do to get the calendar to work on my forum?
  2. Brian

    Brian EPC Developer Staff Member

    Can you provide a link to the page where you're having this problem?

    (The calendar should work without any problem in an iFrame.)
  3. The URL I'm using to test it is http://olschurch.org/olsbb/

    If you view the page source, you will see that there are a lot of other elements that should be showing on that page. It shouldn't only be showing the calendar and nothing else.
  4. I also tried it on a different page that does not have phpbb and still have the same problem: http://olschurch.org/test.html

    For some reason, the iframe tag with the calendar is causing every other page element that follows it to be ignored.
  5. Brian

    Brian EPC Developer Staff Member

    I looked at the two links you provided, and everything appears to be working correctly?
  6. The calendar is working fine. The problem is nothing else works when I include the calendar. On both of those sites, there's a heck of a lot more that should be showing on the page but isn't.
  7. Brian

    Brian EPC Developer Staff Member

    I'm not very familiar with the workings of iFrames, but what happens if you inlcude the calendar on the page instead of using the iframe?
  8. I'm able to get it to work on the non-bulletin board page but still having problems with phpbb. I tried removing the iframe and now the rest of the page shows up but no calendar. (http://olschurch.org/olsbb/)

    It's more complicated working with phpbb because of the templates. There's probably more you have to do with the other phpbb files, similar to the alterations for using it with... I think it was phpNuke? I'm guessing you'd have to put the call for the calendar into one of the include files maybe but don't know enough about php to know how to do this.

    That's why I tried using iframe tags figuring I could just work around the complications. Apparently not.
  9. Brian

    Brian EPC Developer Staff Member

    I'll look into this and post if I find anything. But I do need to know where in phpBB that you're trying to insert the calendar?
  10. Phpbb pulls in all the page elements from templates (.tpl files). The main index page uses at least 3 templates - one for the top of the page, another for the body & a third for the bottom. (There are probably more than that but I'm simplifying.)

    I'm trying to get the calendar to show up at the top of the page which would mean including it in the overall header template.

    The templates consist mainly of html and calls to all of the php stuff with some javascript thrown in. Anytime a template refers to anything php related, it looks something like this: {SEARCH_CALENDAR} - brackets with a particular php reference.
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