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EPC and Dragonfly "Nuke"

Discussion in 'PHP-Nuke Integration' started by wakalapi, Aug 9, 2006.

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  1. wakalapi

    wakalapi New Member

    I am about to start my newest project, a completely relaunched website with EPC integrated (at least visually) into CPG-Nuke ("Dragonfly"). This Nuke variation was originally written specifically to integrate Coppermine Gallery tightly into Nuke starting with v.6.5 and has been developing seperately ever since. Its community boasts of code weightloss for blazing speed and some top notch security features (don't they all?). Supposedly the module/block system continues to follow current Nuke protocols ... but we'll see.

    I'll report back and tell you all how it all goes.:1book:

    Looking forward to Version 7 ... ten bucks (+/-) waiting for ya!
  2. wakalapi

    wakalapi New Member

    OK it's done. My website (www.powwowtime.com) will be re-launched in a few days. Ve9gra's module works with just a couple of tiny changes to work with CPG's slightly different scheme.

    A copy of the modified index.php file is attached (as index_php.txt). It has been tested (minimally) to work in my setup, Brian and Ve9gra please take a look when you get a chance to see if I glossed over anything important, otherwise anyone else wanting to use CPG-Nuke can have at it. If you guys want to have a look, PM me for a test user password to my site.

    EDITED: My site is now "re-launched" and open to the public.

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    Last edited: Aug 11, 2006
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