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Discussion in 'Installation / Upgrade Questions' started by newry, May 24, 2006.

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  1. newry

    newry New Member

    Hi there, I have tried to download the latest version from the download page to my Mac and no matter what I do and whichever link I download from each page seems to be corrupted ie:

    " 2 Å<KläÈuŒ, ²´›ÀÀ1¨ÇšAV‹EIÏHÁ¬¦½;É®f<Òxa¬
    ™ê.©™énvH¶4Â&ß}Ê!‡…áK?Ë |ÙƒY$ØË—Á‚\rK>å´6ò^‘,V‘ì'dç03ÍzõªÞÿÕ«Fõ·’(œšGa:’:žÃ*SÛ%?åº0"²ïOÈß<ìÿÀy,ÒvjL†î†mùžgY¶?>Ç®â”O³(»>r ^;>cÔòm?ŠX>KøÅiÂgãpm#ó]Ûq‹'Iœ`cœdÑôâµâ;¾ï[–ï`ò<äçÑ”ÃWÆlÊl'`BEÏ£1?åÏ£4K7H8¾ã²Àq>åiÅÓÓ4 “l?Z6um‹2D6âá?'ëÌ¡ñX`áâŽ?Ÿ?aÊë.s‰ç1+˘?f—<A<04qˆíøvà‰ ŸÏ§ƒ (‡gŒx”Y`p¨ZI4Y'¾
    Ìa–'p¥Y’ÅãøŠ'HÊ_ ʹ•ó.â€Êw}"

    all through the php pages. This is before I upload any files. Any ideas?

    Help would be appreciated thanks.

    ..................... I'm new I suppose but after reading a bit more I guess thats the encryption to stop code pilfering. Just thought it must have been the reason why when I did upload all. I got a corruption message every page I went to. I'm Uploading via Dreamweaver and my older version works ok (mostly)
    Last edited: May 24, 2006
  2. Brian

    Brian EPC Developer Staff Member

  3. newry

    newry New Member

    Thanks Brian for quick reply. Solved it by trial and error as usual. Didn't fancy setting up another ftp client so uploaded the Zip file direct to host and un-zipped it there which seems to have done the trick.
    Thanks again.
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